Can’t save images to the external storage on Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note3

Problem: You have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note3 with the newest Android 4.4.2 KitKat. If you try to save a watermarked image the following error is occurred: “X Images were not processed due to errors


This is a known issue and it seems to be unique to the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 only. The new specifications in the Android API pretty much makes your microSD card useless. The third party apps will not be allowed to use it. More about here:

So, for example, you want to watermark some pictures taken with the standard camera app, stored on the microSD card. By default in Add Watermark the target folder is set to “Default folder”. This is the folder where the source images are stored. And this causes the problem. As applications are no longer able to create, modify, or remove files and folders on the external SD card due to new Android security policies.

As a workaround you can use the internal storage for saving images in Add Watermark. Please set the target folder in the save dialog to “Custom folder” and choose a place, for example “/storage/emulated/0/addwatermark”.

Add Watermark: How to use your own fonts for text watermark

Since version 2.8.6 you can import up to 20 TrueType or OpenType fonts to the app (only 1 custom font in the free version).

Just copy your font files (extension .ttf or .otf) to the folder “addwatermark/custom_fonts” on your device. This folder is automatically created after app installation.


When you start Add Watermark, you can see now the custom fonts (Settings / Text / Font), added to the build-in fonts starting with numbers [1]..[20]:


Please note, if you can’t see a custom font in the app, the file might have a wrong format or is corrupted.

Add Watermark 2.8.7 released

Changes in version 2.8.7:

  • Added spanish translation. Many thanks to Martin Sotelano!
  • Added button “Show on map” for image details
  • Some bug fixes

Add Watermark 2.8.6 released

Changes in version 2.8.6:

  • Now you can use your own fonts!
    Import up to 20 TrueType or OpenType fonts to folder “addwatermark/custom_fonts” on your device
    (only 1 custom font in the free version).
  • Added new font OtfPoc.
  • Bug fix: blank white preview area when loaded image’s width equals screen width.

Add Watermark 2.8.5 released

Changes in version 2.8.5:

  • Added 26 new fonts (see below)
  • Added norwegian translation. Many thanks to Martin Lehmann Madsen!
  • Added simplified chinese translation. Many thanks to Magichannel!

  • Some bug fixes

All 65 fonts:

Fonts 1 Screenshot_2013-02-13_21-47-08 Screenshot_2013-02-13_21-47-18 Screenshot_2013-02-13_21-47-26 Screenshot_2013-02-13_21-47-35


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