Add Watermark: How to post a watermarked image by Email to Facebook, Twitter etc.

The easiest way to upload a picture to a web service is described here:
How to quick share a watermarked photo on Facebook

The alternate way is the following:

The blog sites and social web services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress and Co. supports upload of pictures by email. Sending an attached image to an specific email address will post it to your personal site on this web service.

At first you need to know the specific email address of your web service:

  • Facebook:
    Find your custom email address under “Account” / “Account Settings” / “Mobile” section / “Go To “Facebook Mobile” / “Upload via Email “. Add it to your contacts, say “Facebook by Email”.
  • Twitter:
    Visit and connect it to your Twitter account. On the twitpic site, open “Settings” / “Mobile” tab,  you will see an email address.  Save this twitpic email address as a new contact in your phone (say, “Twit by email”). The email subject is used as your twit’s contents (max. 160 characters).
  • Flickr:
    Configure your Flickr account to accept image uploads via email. Flickr will provide you with a secret email address. Add it to your contacts, say “Flickr by Email”.The title of the image is the email subject, the image description is the message body.
  • For some other web services it works similarly.

When you know the specific email address you just need to add a watermark to your image:

In Gallery, select an image and press “Share” / “Add Watermark”.

Or start “Add Watermark” and take a picture with the build-in camera or select a source image you want to post.

You will see the loaded image in preview area with a predefined watermark.

Adjust the watermark (for more options – see menu Settings).

Press  “Save” button.

The “Save Dialog” will appear. Select “Share image” in “Action when done” and press “Save”. In the list “Share image via” select your email client. Enter the specific email address (of your web-service, s. above), the subject and press “Send”.



Link to install Add Watermark Free from your Android phone.
Link to the web-version of Google Play


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