Add Watermark: Color space 32 or 24 bits?

From version 1.5.1 you can set the image color space to 32 (by default) or 24 bits. See “Settings”> “General”:

It is recommended to use 32 bit color space as long as you have no problems when saving images. However, when you are working with larger images (larger than 4-5 megapixels, depending on device) an out-of-memory error can occur:

In that case, you have choice: to resize the image or to change the color space to 24 bits. In 24 bits mode application uses less memory, which is limited in Android. If that does not help, you’d have to enable the downsizing. Start with ca. 90% of full size until it works.

The following example shows the minimal difference between the both modes (32/24 bits):


If you steel have out-of-memory error even after enabling of 24 bit mode on images less than 2048×1536, send me an email. Please don’t forget to include the exact info from the error message (heap: …).


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