Add Watermark: The best way to add a graphic logo into your image

Text watermarks are simple and fine, but if you want that your watermark looks really cool and professionally, you need to use graphic logo as watermark.


In a few following steps I’ll show you how to create a own logo in order to use it within Add Watermark.

Step 1. Creating logo.

We need an image in PNG-format with alpha channel. For this purpose we need an image editor. For example “Gimp” which is free.

Create a new image. The optimal image size should be approximately like the watermark size on your resulting image. Draw your logo.  You are free to use rotation, shadow effect, filters etc. When you are ready, check that the background layer is disabled or not filled with any color, it must be transparent. Save your logo image as a .png file (24 bit, with alpha channel).

Step 2. Copy logo to device.

Copy your created logo to the device. For example using USB connection.

Step 3. Configure Add Watermark.

Start Add Watermark and open “Settings” / “General”. Set “Watermark type” to “Image”. Go to “Image”-tab and select your new logo image as watermark. Exit settings, adjust other parameters like position, size, transparency.

Step 4. Save watermarked image.

Press “Save”-button and save resulting image. Done!



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