Add Watermark 2.1 released

Changes in version 2.1:

  • Quick share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.

To upload and share a picture to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. simply select action “Share” in “Save Dialog”. The app must be already installed on the device.

  • Exact setting of text color by entering of hexadecimal RGB code (#FF0000)

Now you can enter an exact custom color for text watermark in color selection dialog.

  • Adding of timestamp or filename as text watermark (placeholders: %date, %datetime, %filename)

Sign a snapshot with the date it was taken (using EXIF-tags). Simply enter one of following placeholders instead of watermark text:

%date – for date (“2012-04-23”),
%datetime – for date and time (“2012-04-23 14-50-31”)
%filename – for filename (“img_001”)

Also works in a batch mode, so you can use it for multiple images (paid version only).


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