Add Watermark 2.5 released

Changes in version 2.5:

  • Share your images much easier: sharing action works now in auto mode for single and multiple images (batch-mode)!
    How to use:
    Open “Settings/General”, enable “Quick share after saving”, enable “Add watermark fully automatically”, adjust Watermark then quit the app. From Gallery or another image viewer select all images you want to process, select “Share/Add Watermark”. After processing you see the dialog “Share image via”, select an app. Done!
  • Tag your photos with GPS coordinates: use GPS latitude and longitude placeholders for text watermark (if available in EXIF-data, see settings/general)Recently added placeholders:
    %dirpath% – Directory path (full path without file name)
    %dirname% – Directory name  only (without full path)
    %lat% – GPS latitude in decimal degrees positive or negative, like 9.446388 (if available in EXIF-data)
    %lat-dms% – GPS latitude in degrees-minutes-seconds, north or south, like 9°26’47”N
    %lon% – GPS longitude in decimal degrees, positive or negative, like -7.976666
    %lon-dms%– GPS longitude in degrees-minutes-seconds, east or west, like 7°58’36”WFull list of placeholders:        
  • Added 6 new fonts:

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