Add Watermark 2.9.4 released

Changes in version 2.9.4:

  • Fixed error: “Image not found” after using built-in camera on some devices
  • New placeholder %date-ensfx% for date format like “1th January 2000”
  • New setting to disable confirmation while auto processing
  • New option to flip the watermark image horizontally or vertically
  • Quick insert of frequently used special symbols like “©” etc.
  • Added Dutch translation. Many thanks to MarcyArtistic!
  • Added Czech translation. Many thanks to Renek!

3 thoughts on “Add Watermark 2.9.4 released

  1. I find it difficult to download and make payment for the Add Watermark App. I get 2 complains:
    1. “This postal code format is not recognized” – I am from Lagos, Nigeria and my postal code is 23401.
    2. “Please select a payment method” – it doesn’t bring out the payment method options.

  2. Please add the red lips smack for your symbols pleeeeeeaaaaase. 💋 I hope you can see the emoji. Thank you bunches!

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