Add Watermark: Watermark 360° Panoramas and Photospheres

Since version V3.0 there is full support of EXIF and XMP metadata in Jpeg images. That means, all metadata saved in the original image like photosphere tags, specific copter data, is also present in processed pictures.

For example, you can watermark a photosphere (360° panorama) to produce awesome 3D text effects. Viewing or posting processed pictures e.g. to Facebook works the same way like with original images. Make your spherical panoramas to eye-catcher!


How Facebook does determine whether a photo is in 360:
– The photo must have a 2:1 aspect ratio, with maximum file dimensions of 6000 x 3000 pixels
– The Exif XMP tag “ProjectionType=equirectangular”
Learn more: Editing 360 Photos & Injecting Metadata








2 thoughts on “Add Watermark: Watermark 360° Panoramas and Photospheres

  1. Hi! Very good app I use the complete version every day… but I have a problem with the 360°.
    I tried to add my watermark in such picture, but after saving the photo is changed into Panoramic in place of 360°, witch is quiet different when viewing the result in facebook page or even on my mobile!
    Did I mis something?
    Thanks for helping.

    I don’t have a website but manage a facebook page :

    1. Hi Robert, first, this feature works since the last update V3.0, please make sure you are using the last version (check for update). Second, not all viewers are able to show 360° panoramas. My experience is, I take a photosphere with my Nexus 5X and after watermarking and uploading it shows as a correct 360° panorama online on Facebook and Google Photos. When you still have problems, please send me two samples: before and after watermarking and I will check them.

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