Add Watermark 3.0 released

We are pleased to announce you the new release!

What’s new in version 3.0:

  • Increased maximal outgoing resulution up to 30MP depending on device (full version)
  • New: recall upto 20 recently used watermarks with all their settings – see button Recent. Learn more…
  • Adding many watermarks is now much easier with the new function to quick reopen last processed image
  • New permanent setting for target image format: JPEG, PNG or auto source (full version)
  • Added support of transparented PNG source files with alpha-channel
  • Added support of 360-panoramas and Photospheres. Try it out that’s awesome!
  • New: built-in sticker collection (Mail stamp, Sale tag, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Flowers, etc.). Read more…
  • More precise margin setting in 0.1% step – see Alingment settings
  • Added Portuguese translation. Many thanks to Ben (for Samia)!
  • Added optimization for Chromebooks
  • Minor design improvements
  • Fixed issue: rotated watermarks looks sometime ugly due to aliasing. Read more…
  • Fixed issue: invalid EXIF alignment marker in processed images without source EXIF data

2 Responses to Add Watermark 3.0 released

  1. weu says:

    plz consider to add sort function when do batch files.

    • androidvilla says:

      Please make sure you are using the newest update (Version 3.0, Build 3001), that includes this sort function. However please note, it works case sensitive like: A, B, C, … a, b, c.

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