Add Watermark 3.0 released

We are pleased to announce you the new release!

What’s new in version 3.0:

  • Increased maximal outgoing resulution up to 30MP depending on device (full version)
  • New: recall upto 20 recently used watermarks with all their settings – see button Recent. Learn more…
  • Adding many watermarks is now much easier with the new function to quick reopen last processed image
  • New permanent setting for target image format: JPEG, PNG or auto source (full version)
  • Added support of transparented PNG source files with alpha-channel
  • Added support of 360-panoramas and Photospheres. Try it out that’s awesome!
  • New: built-in sticker collection (Mail stamp, Sale tag, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Flowers, etc.). Read more…
  • More precise margin setting in 0.1% step – see Alingment settings
  • Added Portuguese translation. Many thanks to Ben (for Samia)!
  • Added optimization for Chromebooks
  • Minor design improvements
  • Fixed issue: rotated watermarks looks sometime ugly due to aliasing. Read more…
  • Fixed issue: invalid EXIF alignment marker in processed images without source EXIF data

Add Watermark: How To Use Built-in Stickers

Since version 3.0 there is a set of built-in watermark images (stickers) you can use for your images. Also in the free version!

To add a such sticker just:

  • Open Settings (pressing gear button )
  • Go to Image settings
  • Make sure the watermark type is set to “Image”
  • Press button “Biult-in stickers”
  • Choose one image from the list
  • Close Settings (pressing the back button)
  • On the preview adjust opacity, position and rotation
  • Now you can save the resulting image

screenshot_2016-12-19-12-34-57    screenshot_2016-12-19-12-35-07    screenshot_2016-12-19-12-35-27Screenshot_2016-12-19-12-49-29.png

When you are missing some special stickers please let me know!

Add Watermark 2.9.5 released

Changes in version 2.9.5:

  • New placeholders %day-dd%, %month-mm%, %month-long%, %year% for flexible date stamping, for example: “01 January 2015” or “2015-01-01”
  • Fixed error for placeholder %date-ensfx%: 11th, 12th, 13th appearing correctly yet
  • Fixed font problem: some fonts stopped working after update to Android Lollipop
  • Added 6 new fonts with cyrillic support (Avdira, DejaVu Serif, Resagokr, UKIJ Kufi Yay, UKIJ Qolyazma, Yiggivoo), font list rearranged

Add Watermark 2.9.4 released

Changes in version 2.9.4:

  • Fixed error: “Image not found” after using built-in camera on some devices
  • New placeholder %date-ensfx% for date format like “1th January 2000”
  • New setting to disable confirmation while auto processing
  • New option to flip the watermark image horizontally or vertically
  • Quick insert of frequently used special symbols like “©” etc.
  • Added Dutch translation. Many thanks to MarcyArtistic!
  • Added Czech translation. Many thanks to Renek!