If you have any questions or problems in relations to  the Add Watermark, feel free to contact me. Via leaving a comment to this post or per Email. I try to answer or to find a solution as soon as possible.

You may find answers to your questions in Frequently Asked Questions.

See also Useful tips.

I tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) with Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) and would be grateful for any feedback from users that have other devices.  As the app works on a mobile platform sometimes with large images, it is quite possible that delays or errors occur.

If you want to send me a bug report, please provide some further information like your device name, android version, screen size etc. For such purpose please take a look into About Dialog (button “Menu” / “About”). Use “Support request” button in About Dialog and this information will be automatically included in your message.


26 thoughts on “Support

  1. I am a graphic designer. This is exactly what my customers need. Most of my customers sell on etsy, and facebook, and need to post photos with watermarks on their storefronts. This is the perfect app for that. Do you have affiliate account? I was going to have a developer make me one…but this one is perfect and user friendly… I will be sending tons of customers I design about 20-100 logos per week.

  2. Hi, I just bough the app which in principal, I LOVE. However, I have a question….. rather than have the watermark image size as a percentage of the overall image, can I set it in a fixed position with the watermark image being a fixed size? Please let me know how to do this.

  3. For clarification on the above, the watermark image I’m using is 31x30px and I want it to stay that size, I don’t want it to be a percentage relative to the main image size. I also always want it to be 10px from the bottom of the image and 10px from the right hand edge of the image.

      1. Thank you for the update and I look forward to seeing it. I’m using it now with my calculator to work out the percentage so still achieving what I need.

  4. Hi, I’m using the full version. As I can see the Exif-data is not saved as I thought. I see AW as a program that only modifies the pictures. But AW don’t keep the data-stamp of the created time.

    Since the time stamp belongs to the country of origin information, I hope this can be fixed? Course is that the modified-stamp changed. This is for me an important part!

    Besides this, it works as I thought.


  5. I love this app, it’s just what I am looking for, after I use it in my recent travel, there only a very issue for me is the publishing page,
    Can I ask for a custom background color in the settings(the default purple)? This will help my work better, see the closer result for the different sharings.

    1. Hi, would you please explain the issue more detailed? If you mean the purple background on the preview page, it’s an image and purple color is a part of the app’s design. So unfortunately it can’t be changed yet.

  6. I really Appreciate the App. It is very good at what it does. My only concern is that it degrades the quality of some of my photos to the extent they are un-useable. I must be doing something wrong?

    1. Thank you! I would compare the source and target resolution and anyway check results before uploading to a social platform like Twitter or Instagram. Could you send me some sample photos before/after watermarking? In this way it’s easy to see if we have some potential to increase the picture quality. Thank you!
      androidvilla (at)

  7. Does not work on my Note 4… I have been using this app on my S4 & S5 with no problems. WILL NOT WORK on Galaxy Note 4 ;-/

      1. No. When I choose my custom logo it shows up until I hit the back button to see it on the main image then it goes back to “Sample text” I have used this on other galaxy phones with no problems. On my Note 4 the logo I choose reverts back to “sample image” I love this app and it is really frustrating to see it not work for me.

  8. I have over 600 photos in dropbox that I need to add a watermark too. I can’t seem to access them through the app to do a batch (Process Multiple Images). Can someone please help? Thanks!

  9. Hi, I start to using your nice app. Just a question: how can I change the predefined source of the pictures ? Actually the source is from the Camera Uploads folder (under Dropbox) and I can’t change it. I’m able to put watermark just sharing a picture to your app…
    Thanks !

  10. Why everytime i do batch most of pgotos are rotated in wrong direction. They were correct and end up wm d sideways. A

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