Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I’m not able to save images to the external storage (SD card)

Since Android KitKat it’s not allowed to save anything to a custom place on external storage. This applies to all third party apps. But you still able to load images from external storage. Just save the results on the internal device storage in a custom folder. Read more here.

2. Why the paid version keep downsizing my pictures?

Due to memory limitations of mobile devices you could have problems when saving images in full camera resolution (depending on device). Even when downsizing is disabled, the app can automatically reduce outgoing resolution, to avoid Out-Of-Memory errors. Affected are devices with a small heap size (< 128Mb). The free card space doesn’t matter. Read more here.

3. Can I add both text and logo at once?

Unfortunately you can add only one watermark at once. But you can create your own logo containig many text and graphic elements and use this as image watermark in the app (paid version)!

4. I paid for this app. Have new phone. Should I pay again?

You don’t need to pay again! Just make sure you are using the same Google account! Once purchased you can uninstall and reinstall the app as often as you want on any Android device logged in as the same Google user.

5. Where do I find recently watermarked pictures on my device?

That’s depending on the target folder. Please check it in Settings/General or in the Save dialog. Standard destination is set to picture’s source folder. Anyway, the 50 most recently processed pictures you can find in Settings/History.

6. Can I put the watermark on my photos already on Facebook?

The app has no access to the pictures posted on a third party server. The only one solution is to delete your online photos, apply watermark to original photos and repost them on Facebook. If you don’t have originals, download them first.

7. How can I remove (undo) watermark?

You can’t remove watermarks from processed pictures (unless you are a Photoshop expert). The target picture format doesn’t support layers, the original pixels under watermark are lost. Therefore the best way – don’t overwrite and don’t delete original images! By default the app saves results as a copy (by adding “_wm” to filename). So if you don’t like result, you can go back to original and try again.

8. Can this app be used on videos too?


9. Is this app available for iPhone/iOS or Windows?


10. How to add a copyright symbol ©?

Normally you can find the copyright symbol direct in the standard keyboard of your device in a section with special symbols.
Also you can find this and some more other symbols in Settings/Text – see the button with © above the watermark text.


12 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My photos are now being saved in a smaller resolution..
    With my paid version of watermark, I would like my watermarked images saved in the original version size.
    It use to save them in original it’s not!
    The box is NOT checked to downsize..
    Have you adjusted my settings?

    1. Please note, due to memory limitations on mobile devices you could have problems when saving images in full camera resolution (more than 6-8 megapixel, depending on device). If so, it is recommended to use downsize when saving. Otherwise the app reduces the pic’s resolution automatically, to avoid out-of-memory errors. To learn more about this problem please read here:

  2. I am considering the paid version of the app after I try the free app; but one question I have is that whether or not your app will not watermark the original but rather create a copy and watermark the copy and leave the originals alone?

    1. Thanks for question! By default, the app saves always a watermarked COPY and doesn’t overwrite the original image. The file name of the target image is generated from original file name + “_wm”. For example:
      Original file “img_20140220.jpg” –> watermarked file “img_20140220_wm.jpg”.
      Original file “img_20140220_wm.jpg” –> watermarked file “img_20140220_wm_wm.jpg”
      See “Settings” / “General”, “File name addition”. Only if you clear this parameter, and the target folder equals the default source folder, the file will be overwritten.

  3. Really needs a ‘lock’ toggle in the general settings menu that greys-out at least the opacity, size and orientation sliders on the main screen.
    In a developing news situation I’ll often drop my main camera and take a quick shot with my phone to tweet immediately. In the bustle of a riot or sports event it’s too easy to change one or more of the sliders and frustrating to waste even seconds resetting them.

  4. Greetings and thank you for a wonderful app. I would like to request ability to save settings (text codes, fonts, size, position, transparency, etc) as a template, so we can change different templates quickly.

  5. Does the app make the photos poor quality? Or is the original image completely untouched? I want to be able to watermark photosbut keep the quality

    1. For better result the source image should have better quality. Normally the app keeps the quality. If you think it doesn’t, please send me both images – before and after watermarking.

  6. Hi, I have the paid for version of the app. When saving the photos with a watermark the photo is losing quality (small but noticeable pixelation) this is on images that are larger than 400px x 600px so I am unsure why this is happening?
    There are no limitations set.
    100% original size
    32 bit
    No downsizing.
    Many Thanks

    1. Hello,
      thank you for using Add Watermark!
      Please send me the both sample images – before and after processing. Also I would like to ask you to send me a support request from the app / settings / page “about”. There are some important informations about your device. Thanks!
      Best regards,
      Paul B.

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