Useful Tips

Below you find some useful tips relating to the app Add Watermark. It’s really easy to personalize an image with a property text, timestamp or logo and share it!

  • To add watermark direct from Gallery press “Menu” button and choose “Share” / “Add Watermark”. For auto processing enable “Add watermark fully automatically”* in app settings. The waternarked copy of image should appear in the same directory.
  • To upload a picture to a web-service like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. simply select action “Share image” in “Save Dialog” / “Action when done”*, press “Save” then in the list “Share image via” select an app . The image will appear on your site (see also).
  • To process multiple images in a batch-mode* start Add Watermark and adjust your watermark and all needed settings, don’t forget to enable “Add watermark fully automatically”, then quit the app. From Gallery or another image viewer select all images you want to process, press “Menu” button and choose “Share” / “Add Watermark”.
  • To make a Picture-In-Picture load one image as source and another one as watermark*, adjust the size, position and transparency and save result.
  • In mode Watermark as image* you can use both types of images: .jpg or .png. Howerer the .png supports transparency that allows you to reach very nice results.
  • You can change format of the image by saving from .jpg (default) to .png*. Simply choose it in “Save Dialog” right of the filename. Note, it’s not working in mode “Add watermark fully automatically” from Share menu.
  • If you need to specify an exact color for text watermark, you can do it in color selection dialog by entering of hexadecimal RGB code (i. e. #FF0000 for red)
  • Photo with timestamp: to sign a snapshot with the date it was taken (using EXIF-tags) simply enter one of the following placeholders instead of watermark text:
         %date – for date (“2012-04-23″),
         %datetime – for date and time (“2012-04-23 14-50-31″),
         %filename – for filename (“img_001″).
    Also works in a batch mode, so you can use it for multiple images*.
    Or use the built-in camera directly in Add Watermark to make photos with timestamp.
  • App2Sd: If your android version is 2.2 or higher you may wish to move the app to the external sd card. Note, that the app may not work while the sd card is not connected.

* – These features are disabled in the free version.

If you need these features and are ready to install the paid version, please read: How to install full version of Add Watermark.

Watch “How To” videos:


2 thoughts on “Useful Tips

  1. I bought the full version but I don’t have the option to save as PNG. I looked at the screenshots you have here but mine doesn’t look that. There is no dropdown menu to choose between PNG and JPG.

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