Add Watermark 2.8 released

Changes in version 2.8:

  • Select and process multiple images directly in the app (batch mode)
  • Easy reusing of recent watermark texts (see Settings / Text / Recent texts…)
  • Fixed known EXIF issues (corrupted tags, wrong creating date), more tags are supported
  • New dialogue “Image details” (opens when touching file name or sizу
  • Added new placeholders (%shutter%, %iso%, %aperture% etc.)
  • More stable when saving due to automatic performance optimization, displaying progress dialog
  • Some bug fixes

Open dialog    Picture Browser

Settings / Text / Recent texts    List of Recent texts

Dialog - Image details


5 Responses to Add Watermark 2.8 released

  1. mohideen says:

    Dear sir. i like to make same of watter mark
    at my photo

  2. Trying out at this moment. Initial comment is easy to use and font types are beautiful!!!

  3. Marcther says:

    Very good software for a tablet photog 🙂

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